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Footprints are taken from a collection of zoo animals. An original print was taken from a live animal and then molded into a clay stamp. These stamps are used to create the imprints on each piece of pottery.

Featuring TIKO, Green-Winged Macaw

Tiko's my favorite animal at the zoo. Tiko definitely has personality!


Willard, Red Kangaroo Joey                        Kenny the Umbrella Cockatoo                          Evie, Elk Calf                  


Rajah, White Bengal Tiger                   Josie, Giraffe Calf                                        Meru, African Lion


Quincy, Baby Chimpanzee                                      DeBrazza's Monkeys                                       Squirrel Monkey 


Lion Cubs


PeeDee, African Penguin Chick        Paprika, Ring-Tailed Lemur     Mabel, African Ground Hornbill


               Sikari, Bengal Tiger                                  Mei Xing, Snow Leopard                    Sandy, Swamp Monkey



                    Squiggy, South American Tapir      Squiggy has a son named Sylvester!        Farley, Baby Orangutan



 Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine             Nikki, the Iguana                              Penelope, Zebra Foal

Footprints have also been taken from animals living in the Adirondack Park located in Northern New York State. A plaster mold was cast from a print found in their natural habitat and then used as a stamp to create the pattern of imprints on the pottery.



Mink                                         Snowshoe Hare                               River Otter
White Tailed Deer and Fawn
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